Choosing carpet will reward you many times over as you enjoy its numerous advantages. While deciding among different flooring options, keep your expectations balanced. Keep in mind that there is no perfect flooring type. What you can do, however, is decide which features are most important to you, and then choose the flooring type that delivers those features. What makes carpet the preferred choice for many homeowners is that it boasts the largest range of benefits.

So what advantages will you gain from your carpeted floors?


The most significant benefit of carpet flooring is the comfort that it can provide in any room. Walking into a carpeted room will give you a comfortable, cosy, and welcomed feel.


Carpet is a very flexible flooring option; it comes in so many colours and styles, so you can decide which best matches the colour scheme of your room. You can choose darker carpets for a warmer feel or lighter-colours for an airy but homely ambience. With carpet, you can create the environment you want for your room. Carpet also adds a decorative element, the texture of carpet can add dimension to an otherwise bland-looking room.


Carpet is also known for the extra insulation they provide to any room. If you want to maximize this particular benefit, get an extra thick underlay and choose denser carpet fibres. This is why carpeted floors are more common in locations with colder climates.

Household Safety

Carpet also makes homes a lot safer, especially if there are kids or elderly people in the household. Since they are prone to falls, carpeted floors can help save them from serious injuries.

What are the disadvantages?


Carpets require regular maintenance, and if there is any lapse on your part to properly maintain the carpet, it will make your room look dirty and unsightly instead of warm and inviting. Thus, once you get carpet installed, you have to vacuum it at least weekly. Spot cleaners are a handy addition for the immediate removal of spots and spills. Lastly using a commercial carpet cleaner also helps, on carpet that is badly stained. 

why choose carpet flooring

Why Choose Carpets Etc

At Carpets Etc we offer a wide range of carpets to suit your needs. From colour to texture to style and comfort, there are many reasons to choose carpet.

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