Laminate flooring is a cost-effective way to achieve the wood look you want in your home, without the cost and hassle of hardwood flooring. Laminate floor coverings are usually made from wood composites pressed together under high temperatures. The desired finish is then put over the composite material. Thanks to the manufacturing process laminate is hardy, scratch resistant, durable and cost efficient! 

Laminate vs hardwood – the pros and cons

Laminate is considerably less expensive than hardwood flooring to purchase and install. This is because wood floors are often made of expensive exotic trees that need to be felled and prepared before being laboriously installed.

As well as the cost benefit, the durability and lifestyle resistance of laminate floor coverings also make them great for families. Hardwood flooring requires constant care and attention to avoid scratches and dents. If you have ever lived in a house with wood floors you may have experienced the floorings high maintenance demeanour.

Choosing the right laminate for you

With so many textures, colours, grains, and brands to choose from you are guaranteed to find the perfect laminate flooring for you right here in Perth. Keep the following tips in mind while you look:

  • Joining system

Laminate flooring is usually installed with a click-together system. If the style you’re looking at is different, you should consider the ease of replacing it down the track.

  • Durability

How water resistant is the laminate? Does it stand up to family life, with pets and kids? For most laminates, the high-density fibreboard (HDF) indicates the water resistance and durability. Harder HDF means more watertight and serviceable flooring.

  • Warranties

Check the warranties thoroughly to make sure any long-term guarantees are not voided by “environmental conditions” like moisture or general wear.

  • Reputable brand

Carpets Etc… have taken the hard work out of laminate for you. We stock the best laminate floor coverings in Perth and always recommend one to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Installing laminate flooring

With modern snap-together styles, laying your new laminate flooring can be an easy weekend job. You’ll need some tools and DIY know-how but if you are confident enough to tackle the job without professional help you can save on the installation cost. Of course, if you do need an expert to lend a hand, we are always happy to help.

With the durability and easy maintenance of click-together laminate floor coverings, you will have peace of mind for years without worrying about spills or moving furniture. You can have a brand new floor styled perfectly to your lifestyle in just a few days.

Forget the fuss and high costs of hardwood flooring and check out Perth’s best laminate flooring range at Carpets Etc… Our professional and experienced staff can even install the flooring for you, saving even more time with a guaranteed job well done. What’s not to love?

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