Polyester Carpets

Polyester is a synthetic fibre used in carpet that is resistant to stains and fading. It is known for its excellent performance and value for money. Polyester fibre is often made out of recycled materials, making it the environmentally friendly carpet option. Polyester carpet is the wise choice when it comes to environmental impact.

Polyester carpets present a beautiful appearance when new. The fiber has a very luxurious “hand” (the feel of the fibers). Polyester also comes in some of the richest colors of any fiber. Because it is process-dyed, it has excellent fade resistance. Polyester’s relatively soft fibers give it a rich feel, with high “perceived” quality — that is, the quality you see in the showroom

Polyester offers a wide selection of textures and colours. It is non-allergenic, and at a lower cost than wool or nylon, provides excellent value for money.

Decor Twist Carpet Range

Decor Twist
Polyester – 12 Colours

$22.95 m2
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Valley Charm Carpet Range

Valley Charm
Polyester – 8 Colours

$43.99 m2
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