Hycraft Wool Carpet Collection By Godfrey Hirst Carpets

Hycraft is a stunning and versatile range of carpet for all seasons. Its natural wool properties make it ideal for every climate; insulating for warmth during winter chills, cooling for relief through sultry summers, and keeping room temperatures just right during cool autumn nights and sunny spring days. A Hycraft carpet will sustain luxurious comfort all year round.


Who offers enduring quality and performance? HYCRAFT, Naturally.
With a long standing tradition for quality and performance, Hycraft carpets are produced from premium wools. As further testament to its reputation, every Hycraft carpet comes with even longer wear guarantees – either 10 or 15 Years.


Who offers finishes for every taste? HYCRAFT, Naturally.
Loop piles for a textured finish. Cut piles for a plush, even finish. Yarns twisted to promote comfort and performance. Or perhaps the combination of loop and cut pile for a finish that really makes a statement.


Who offers a colourful experience? HYCRAFT, Naturally.
Hycraft has over 130 gorgeous colours to choose from. Earthy palettes to add warmth. Lighter hues to open up a room. Bold shades for enhancing moods and emotions. And neutrals to match every colour scheme. All Hycraft come with a 15 Year Colourfast Guarantee, so you can be sure the colour of your carpet is protected against fading*

Hycraft all seasons

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