Purchasing new carpet for your house is always exciting, but it can be a big expense, as well. Before buying carpet, measure your rooms yourself to get an idea of the amount of carpet you need. It’s an easy process, and it will give you a better estimate of what the carpet will cost. At Carpets Etc we will generally schedule a date and time to come out to take measurements and evaluate the amount of carpet needed for your house before placing an order.

How To Measure | Quick Estimate

Quick Estimate
To get a quick estimate of the area to be carpeted in Square Metres, try using this simple formula.
Carpet is sold by the Lineal Metre, but we can still calculate in approximate square metres.
Length x Width of the room in Metres
5m x 4m = 20 Sq m (+ 10% wastage)
Total 22 Square Metres


How To Measure | If more than 4 Walls

Estimate if more than 4 walls
If the room as more than 4 walls, divide room into sections and add results together.
Length x Width plus Length x Width
5m x 4m = 20 Sq m
3m x 1.5m = 4.5 Sq m
Subtotal = 24.5 Sq m  (+ 10%)
Total = 26.95 Square Metres

room 2


Top Tips

Here’s a few tips to bear in mind when you’re measuring your room for flooring:

1. No matter what type of flooring your planning, you’re best to measure in metres because that’s the measurement your flooring will be sold in.

2. Always add at least 5% to your total measurement for wastage. We always use 10% wastage.

3. Measure into your door frames because your flooring will generally be expected to finish under your door.

4. Don’t forget to make allowances in your measurements for fireplaces, alcoves, recesses and cupboards.