Flooring Facts

Read Flooring Facts on all the latest products, including cleaning guides, floor maintenance. What is carpet made of and the different styles. Even how to measure your rooms professionally to not be short when purchasing your new flooring. 

How To Measure Flooring Professionally

Purchasing new carpet for your house is always exciting, but it can be a big expense, as well. Before buying carpet, measure your rooms yourself to get an idea of the amount of carpet you need. It’s an easy process, and it will give you a better estimate of what the carpet will cost. At Carpets Etc we will generally schedule a date and time to come out to take measurements and evaluate the amount of carpet needed for your house before placing an order.


Carpet Cleaning Guide

When Spills Happen, We Have Answers.

Read Our Guide on how to remove stains from wool and nylon carpet.


Carpet Fibres Explained

Each fibre has strengths and weaknesses that must be recognised. Carpet Fibres Explained, wool, solution dyed nylon, nylon, polypropylene and polyester.


Carpet Styles Explained

What is carpet? Carpet pile and carpet types are explained here such as Cut Pile, Loop Pile, Sisal, Level Loop & Cut Pile.