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We stock a massive range of over 400 room size carpet remnants in store with a wide range of sizes and colours available.

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What are Carpet Remnants & Where do they come from?

Carpet remnants are usually the ends of stock rolls. Once a roll has only a few metres left on it (usually around 5 metres or less, but that can vary from 2 metres – 10+ metres) We roll the balance and mark it for sale as a remnant, It is much easier to sell what is left as a discounted whole rather than hope to sell it bit by bit Etc…

Carpet remnants are brand new pieces straight off the end of the stock roll, we don’t sell seconds or second hand carpet Etc…

At Carpets Etc…

We also buy carpet remnants from our manufacturers or suppliers. Carpet manufacturers end up with short roll ends in the same way we do, so they tend to do the same thing: sell them off as remnants Etc…

Pros of buying remnants

As mentioned above, remnants are always discounted from the carpet’s original purchase price. Obviously, this is the biggest draw to buying a remnant. It allows you to save money Etc…

The main advantage to buying a remnant is the convenience of doing so. Usually, you can walk into our store, make a selection, and walk out with the remnant. There is no wait time involved for special orders, or even for our staff to make a cut, off of a larger roll. It is quick and easy, and makes for a good way to get started on a weekend project Etc…

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We Can Arrange Laying on most carpet remnants

Here at Carpets Etc… we can arrange laying on most of our carpet remnants, we only use quality installers, tradespeople who take the time to ensure your job is done properly, and have a reputation for being the best in the business Etc…

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Remnant Sizes Available

From 2.40 metres x 3.65 metres

Up To 11.30 metres x 3.65 metres

Some remnants also come in 4 metres wide.

Carpet Remnant Warehouse Location

Carpets Etc… Flooring Center
Unit 1, 171-175 Abernethy Road Belmont, WA 6104

Selected Remnant Images

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